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In simple term we adopt schools which are in bad shape and work with them to improve the quality of education. We have a dedicated team comprising of professionals and volunteers who join us

All kalisu programs are child-centric and are designed to ensure that

  • Enrollment in schools increase
  • Dropouts from school decrease
  • Overall development of the child


  • Introducing programmes, scholarship and prizes to motivate.
  • Re-introduce the concept of reading
  • Organizing sports, cultural event, educational tours and field trips
  • Provide scholarship to deserving students


  • Holding training and motivational programmes for teachers and staff
  • Adopting modern teaching techniques

Environment and administration

  • Introduce simple management concepts 
  • Effectively low cost environmental upgrades
Our Projects: 
Children go through a well designed curriculum which emphasize on a more practival and interactive methodology, where the knowledge that they receive at the governemnt school are cemented in their minds. The learning environment is different from that of the school, where learnign is made fun. Field visits are an integral part of the program. 
It is seen that the knowledge about general health and hygiene among the students at the government schools is a big question mark and the project aarogya looks into answering these by carrying out healthcamp, fitness workshops and seminars there by making health and integral part of their life. 
Learning outside the classroom emphasizes on developing the habit of reading among kids and the best way to do this would be through a library. Project library looks into setting up libraries and making books accessible to kids at school. 
How Kalisu Works? 
It does by imparting quality education, focusing on life skills, personality development, language skills, art and craft, which helps in overall development of every child. Volunteers spend 4 hours in a week to teach these kids at school. we work on a teacher student ratio of 1:7 which makes sure that every child get individual attention. 

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Kalisu Foundation, #1/B, Diya Arcade, 2nd floor,
near fire brigade, Kantharajurs road,
Saraswathipuram, Mysuru - 570009.